April Birthstone: Diamonds.

Each of the twelve calendar months has a gemstone associated with it. The origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gems representing the tribes of Israel. The current list dates back to 1912 with the except of Tanzanite having been added to December.

Diamonds are the gemstone associated with April.

Cut and polished diamonds in a variety of shapes.

Cut and polished diamonds in a variety of shapes.

Diamonds can be harvested from the earth or produced under extreme heat and pressure in a laboratory (though few exist in the world). Though they are considered to be rare, they are actually not as rare in nature as gem quality corundum (sapphires and rubies).

Diamonds are the hardest substance created by nature and have a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. They are 4 times harder than corundum, which has a 9-9.5 Mohs rating.

Today, diamonds can be found in a rainbow of colors including yellows, greens, blues, purples and pinks. White or colorless diamonds are more common and therefore less expensive than colored diamonds. When referring to lab-created diamonds, the opposite is true.

Conscious consumers are staying away from diamonds more and more because of the long history of social impact associated with them. However, ethically sourced diamonds are available. You no longer need to sacrifice beauty for your values.

The true voice of a Tanzanian dealer

C5 is participating in the Madison Dialogue to help improve the standards of the global gem and precious metal mining industry. There are many dedicated people involved, but this is complex work with no obvious answers.

Below is a word for word email that came to the group today. It is important that people beyond the Madison Dialogue hear the voice of those most affected by the traditional jewelry industry…

Hallow out there,
I am a Tanzanian.
I am a registered dealer in Gemstones and Minerals.
This is an African Country which is fast developing many Mining fields in Gold, Metals, Gemstones and even Uranium.
The Government is poor,do not have enough knowledge and manpower to inspect and report,its lacking behind in taking matters in control.
Most Mining areas are in remote areas,people out there are ignorant and poor. There is no one to set control on dumping of wastes, return of chemicas poluttedl water to the streams etc.
There is a very little knowledge to how bad the proscess of Mining ca do to the sorounding areas environment and far far beyond through water polution, air currents, birds and animal movements/migration etc far beyond humans can ever regain control after the worst has happened.
Is anyone out there, individuals, Organisations and any other interested party who can help to set programmes to contain the situation before it gets out to us all.

Let me hear from anyone concerned. More detailed information is available.